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Connect Your Content

Creating content is more than SEO. Your content could rank on google, drive tremendous traffic to your website, and your visitors still bounce without purchasing anything because your content is not relevant. Sure, getting keywords with buyer intent and reverse engineering your competitors SEO strategy is great, but that’s all for traffic. Sales is the target that will promote growth and revenue.

Content marketing is about driving brand loyalty and building authority – two things that you can easily convert to sales. To differentiate, either provide a different, more relevant perspective to what’s already available or write based on your own detailed experience.

Whichever one you decide to do, make it actionable (a call to action). It should give 100%. Try to obtain images, videos, links, screenshots, quotes, and other types of graphics that provide information to your visitors. Also, try to relate to your base by writing in your tone, providing first-hand knowledge.


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